How To Organize Your Surgery In Poland ?

This section includes information thanks to which you will be able to plan and arrange your stay in Poland easily step by step.  You can find here answers to the most important questions: How long should the stay in Poland be? and how will it be possible to maintain contact with a physician after surgery and after coming back home?

Our organizational offer:

  • accurate setting of a surgery’s aim, possibility to carry it out and expected results prior to arrival to Poland – details in CONSULTATIONS section.
  • easy e-mail and phone contact with a department of secretary’s office created specially for this purpose with the aim to fix date of surgery and other details connected with stay in Poland – details in CONTACT section.
  • realizing how difficult it is to come to a decision to travel alone to a foreign country to undergo surgery, we want to facilitate our future patients to join in several persons’ groups by means of “Patient self-arrangement form.” Such a solution enables mutual assistance and a company of persons chosen by oneself during the trip and the stay abroad as well as more beneficial negotiating of air ticket prices and hotel expenses. Depending on the type of surgery it is possible to book surgery date for 3-4 persons on the same day.

Length of stay in Poland:

  • Stay in Poland, necessary for medical reasons, depends on the planned surgery. In almost all cases 5-7 day’s stay is sufficient. Detailed information you can find in SURGERIES section

Post-surgery checkups

  • Generally, apart from the checkup within 24 hours after surgery, before a patients leaves the clinic, and the checkup prior to departure to her country any other checkups are not absolutely necessary. Prior to departure all patients are given written instructions regarding procedures in post-surgery period. PATIENT FOLLOW UP section enables exchange of essential information and receiving additional instructions via electronic mail, if such a need arises.


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