This sections contains information concerning surgeries foreigners can undergo in our clinic. For security reasons and for our foreign patients’ comfort, a set of surgeries they can be subject to is limited to only those surgical procedures, after which recovery does not exceed a few days and performing of which relates to minimal risk of complications.

If you cannot find surgery you are interested in on the schedule below it means that it does not meet the above-mentioned criteria and that it is not carried out on patients from abroad, who do not have their residence in Poland.

In subsections corresponding to particular surgeries instead of typical information about surgical procedures to make things easier you will find only this information, which is essential for undergoing particular surgery abroad. There are information concerning indications for surgery, necessary laboratory examination that have to be carried out, the length of procedure, period of stay in the clinic and in Poland and time it takes to recover normal vital activity. This information are to make it easier for a patient to plan accurately his absence in a place of living as well as to organize his stay in Poland as good as possible e.g. rest and sightseeing of Warsaw or other cities after surgery. All other information concerning chosen surgery will be provided to you during initial e-mail consultation - see CONSULTATIONS section.


Surgery cannot be carried out:


In case of occurrence of serious chronic illness for example: insulin dependent diabetes, major obesity, uncontrolled hypertension, heart failure. It is advised for patients who have some problems with health to obtain GP (general practitioner) consultation before any major surgery.

 Surgery cannot be caried out:

  1. On patients with cardiac pacemakers
  2. In case of occurrence of infection (cold, herpes infection or similar)
  3. In case of permanent taking of drugs that disturb the blood coagulability (aspirin and aspiring containing drugs, warfarin, Vit. E, etc.). These drugs should be put aside in two weeks before the surgery.
  4. During pregnancy.


It is strongly advised to stop smoking in minimum 2 weeks before and after any major surgery. Tobacco smoking is a critical risk factor for serious health and wound healing complications, especially after such surgeries as: facelift, breast reduction, breast lift and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck procedure).




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