Fat Transplantation

Best candidate: deep glabellar lines or nasolabial folds. Fat transplantation may be also applied for lip or cheek augmentation.

Necessary results of blood tests and other examinations: blood morphology, coagulogram (APTT, INR), HBs, HCV and HIV.

Examinations can be carried out on arrival to Poland and their cost is included in the price of procedure. It should be, however, remembered that bad tests results can exclude surgery. The clinic is not held responsible for such a situation and does not return costs of a trip and stay in such cases.

Type of anaesthesia: local

Length of procedure: 30 -60 min depending on the area treated

Stay in the clinic: 1-2 hours

Post-surgery checkups and possible suture removal: it is advisable to come for checkup before leaving Poland.

Type of discomfort and limitations in normal vital activity during stay in Poland: after surgery minor bruising and swellings on areas fat tissue was injected in can occur. These bruising recede gradually within a few days.

Minimal stay in Poland: 2 days. 1 day after surgery and a consultation 1 day before surgery.

Back to work: within about 5 days (visible bruising is the only reason)

Results: usually about 30 to 60% of transplanted fat tissue will be absorbed during 3-6 month after the procedure. It may cause that for longer lasting effects second procedure(s) will be needed.

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